Cook Construction of South Florida Inc 2014

Site Preparation



Underground Utilities

Preparing a site for construction is the first and an important step in the process of construction. As well, site evaluation is just as necessary as site preparation. The proper evaluation of a site can determine how efficient the construction process will be. Disregarding a proper site evaluation can lead to unexpected construction delays as well as additional construction costs

Cook has extensive experience in safe and efficient demolition. Our crews and equipment are able to handle nearly any demolition project. Throughout the demolition process, we salvage as much materials as possible for reuse, greatly reducing construction debris in landfills and saving on costs for our customers.

Our crews pride themselves in understanding the technical requirement necessary to successfully accomplish everything from moving earth and demolition to finish grading and landscaping. Bringing together the many different disciplines to prepare a site for the next stage of construction

Cook has the experience and knowledge to install all necessary underground utilities. We know when it comes to working with providers of utilities to make sure we meet their technical standards, while fulfilling all federal, state, county and municipal code obligations